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Saransk, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, the oldest city in the Middle Volga, was founded in 1641. Saransk is situated in the Eastern part of the Republic of Mordovia. The distance from Saransk to Moscow by rail is 642 km., by car (through Krasnoslobodsk) – 651 km. Saransk, as well as the Republic of Mordovia is in Moscow Time Zone (MSK) / UTC+4.


The today’s Saransk is an industrial, scientific and cultural centre, a city of talented people – scientists, students, athletes. The city currently occupies the area of about 71,5 sq. km. with population 302,3 thousand people. The majority of the population is Russians, Mordovians, Tatars.

Saransk is very beautiful, comfortable and clean city. The city has many historical sites and monuments, beautiful architectural structures. Saransk is a repeated prize-winner of nation-wide competition «the most comfortable city of Russia» and «Best municipality», and in 2013 it was grant-ed the status of one of the most eco-friendly cities in the country.


Saransk is one of the major cultural centres, which developed at the convergence of two cultures – Russian and Finno-Ugric. Saransk is home to Association of Finno-Ugric People of Russia, which plays a key role in the development of cooperation between the Finno-Ugric people and the Volga Region Centre for Cultures of Finno-Ugric people.

Lovers of dramatic art can attend professional theatres. In Saransk there are two drama theatres - the State Russian Drama Theatre, Mordovian National Drama Theatre, musical theatre - I.M. Yaushev State Musical Theatre, and two puppet theater - the State Puppet Theatre of the Republic of Mordovia, the children's Centre for theatre and cinema "Kroshka".

The Republic has its own artistic collectives: Mordovian State Philharmonia, Mordovian State-financed Song and Dance Ensemble "Umarina", Song Theatre "Rosichi", ensemble of ancient Mordovian music "Torama", G.I.Suraev-Korolev folklore ensemble "Kelu", State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Mordovia, Jazz big band "Saransk".


One of the attractions of the Republic of Mordovia is Stepan Erzya Republican Museum of Fine Arts. The Museum is not only the largest cultural centre of the Republic, but also one of the most significant museums of the Volga region. The core of collection consists of the masterpieces by two geniuses of the Mordovian land - Stepan D. Erzya and Fedor V. Sychkov. Erzya Museum is a research institution, where staff pursue research in fine arts and museum science, zonal and national conferences are hosted.

The centuries-old history of the Mordovian land is depicted in the monuments of history and culture. More than 830 monuments are protected by the state. About 50 sites are monuments of federal significance. The most ancient are archaeological monuments, one of the largest – Andreevsky barrow situated in Bolsheignatovsky district. In Lyambir district there are remains of Atemarsky defensive wall of the XVII century. Among architectural monuments dozens of stone and wooden parish churches, most of which was built in the late XVIII-XIX century stand out. The old-time Sanaksarsky and Makarovsky monasteries amaze with their beauty and grandeur.


Saransk is a large university centre. There are 11 higher education institutions and their branches in the city (including N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University, M. E. Evsevyev Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute, Saransk Institute of Cooperatives under Moscow University of Consumer Cooperatives, Mordovian Institute for Humanities), as well as research institutes. Nearly each 500 students account for 10,000 residents of the Republic. At present time residents of the city can attend: A.S. Pushkin national library, M. M. Bakhtin academic library under Mordovia State University, Mordovian Republican children's library. Mass media of the Republic of Mordovia are represented by: State broadcasting company "Mordovia", broadcasting company "TV Network Mordovia", various newspapers, magazines, information agencies.


Across Russia Mordovia boasts the record of a sporting Republic, the land of beautiful and strong young people – the Olympic Games Champions. The Republic hosts annual nation-wide competitions in athletics, Greco-Roman wrestling, lawn tennis and artistic gymnastics commemorating sporting achievements of famous athletes born in Mordovia. Saransk offers all conditions for the development of amateur and professional sports. Among the major sports facilities built in recent years in Saransk, one should mention the Republican Palace of Sports, Ice Arena, a sports complex «Mordovia», Leonid Arkaev Centre for artistic gymnastics. This allows Saransk to host nation-wide and international sports competitions: Minor Olympics of the Volga Federal district (2004); the international forum "Russia — a country of sports" (2011), IAAF World Cup in race walking (2012). In 2018 Saransk as a host city will accept the FIFA World Cup.

The city has a variety of restaurants and cafes to any taste with European, Russian, Mordovian, Japanese and Italian cuisines; you can also find nightclubs and shopping centres.